(A) Choose Content
  1. Agreed with us on a Content Title pertaining to your expertise. This content must still be available as we only work with one Content Leader (or Dean).
  2. If your area of expertise is already headed by someone else, we will refer you to that Content Leader. He/she will have the discretions on whether to include you into his/her team, subject to private terms between you and him/her.
  3. Once the Content Leader had vetted your credentials, terms discussed and agreed upon, he/she will let us know your participations. Our only criteria are each content provider is an expert in his/her subject and a person with untarnished background. It is the responsibility of the Content Leader to ensure this.

(B) Content Partner’s Agreement
  1. Once you are chosen as a potential Content Partner and you are interested to join us, we will email you a copy of the Content Partner’s Agreement.
  2. Review Content Partner’s Agreement. I’ll be available anytime when you need me to call you to explain the terms. The terms in the agreement basically states what you and us should do and not do; as well as the revenue sharing structure.
  3. Once you agreed to the Agreement, please endorsed and sign the agreement and email it back to us. We’ll endorse the agreement and send a PDF copy for your safe-keeping.

(C) Content Preparations
  1. Prepare a Content outline and choose an appropriate Subject Title within your Content Expertise as agreed with us. Title must end with ‘……in Plain English’.
  2. Confirm a proper list of topics. It can be in a flow chart format or a Menu/Syllabus format depending on the content and the nature of the subject.
  3. Topics can be edited later, be deleted or additional topics added as we go along. You should prepare your topics and email it to us in an Excel format. If required we can email you a sample format.
  4. Once we receive your topics outline, we will design a proper flow chart or menu according to your list. We will then email that design for your final approval. You can always comment and correct us at any time.
  5. Once you have approved the flowchart/menu design, our programmers will start to develop the video categories. Each video category comes with an individual page which has the video in the center surrounded by sample ‘Text Box’ advertisements.

(D) Submit your Homepage Explanation Text and Personal Bio
  1. Email us some writing about your contents and what you intend to teach. Do not describe too much about individual topic but rather on what viewers can achieve by watching your videos in general. Keep the writing short and interesting. You can also direct them to watch the Introduction video to find out more.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive and interesting bio. List your expertise, educations, professional affiliations and achievements if possible. You may also include your personal website. Please do not include other websites you are contracted to as there may be conflict of interest. If you really need to include these websites please check with me first.

(E) Scripts Preparation and Writing
  1. Simultaneously while awaiting our flow chart/menu design you can start on your video script production. Start with the ‘Introduction Video’ script first. Bear in mind that an A4 piece of text is about 2 video minutes in length. Remember you are not just reading from a script. There are stops and pauses at time. I suggest you write the Introduction Video first and get an idea before writing the rest of the other video scripts.
  2. Please keep a proper record of the scripts. Your scripts will continue to evolve as we move along due to product placement and other alterations. So if no proper tagging is done, you may use the wrong script for a particular video later. In some cases you may need to go back to shoot another video using the first or second original scripts because some or all product placements has expired and the advertiser had not renew them, or there may be updated images to make the video more interesting.
  3. We shall try to keep the reshooting infrequently by utilizing ‘virtual placement’ whenever possible. Regardless of which video script you use, the content idea and explanations should all be the same and in Plain English. Whenever there is any changes or updates on your video, you can announce it on your designated blog and we also will update them in our weekly newsletter to members.

(F) Video Productions
  1. Shoot the Introduction Video first. This is the most important video as the public gets to see what they can expect from you in the rest of the other videos.
  2. Wear something nice and presentable. It is not necessary but a grooming session before the shoot will be nice. Try to avoid wearing green color or any color that is similar to your background.
  3. If you already have a list of sub-contractors (other experts in your team) in mind, you may also shoot this video together as a team. You can shoot the video indoor or outdoor or a combination of both.
  4. Limit this video length to around 3-4 minutes if possible. The length of this video may increase slightly when our editor adds in some images among the scenes. Please try to keep each video to around 4 minutes in length as this is the average timing of online video that people watch.
  5. If you are shooting on a mini DV camera, the captured file can be either .mov or .avi.
  6. If you need to edit the captured footage, make sure your output file is still .mov or .avi (maintain the original aspect ratio and original format whether Pal or NTSC and the bit rate).
  7. It's better to give us the raw file than edited ones because you may have increased the file size by editing. But if you must edit it, then make sure the settings conform to the original raw file.
  8. If you're shooting on HD camera, .MOD can be conveniently converted to .mpg, and can be edited on a program.
  9. If you don’t understand any of the above, that makes two of us. Anyway, our video people will be there to assist you at all time. I can get them to talk to you. Other content partners who are more experienced can always help. Don’t forget Wisdeo.com is also about ‘unity’. We will also appreciate if you can help other content partners and your team of content providers.
  10. About Product Placements: If it is a ‘physical product’ you need to use or held in you hand, you will decide the appropriate time inside the video to place them.
  11. There are times where upon your approval; we can email the script in advance to potential advertisers. Inside this ‘advanced script’ you may need to state at which part of the script, you are able to place what kind of products etc.
  12. If it is a ‘Virtual Placement’ you’ll need to let our video editor know at which point in the video to insert the images and/or text. Of course in some cases you may also allow for flexibility and for our video editor to decide.
  13. Please remember it is your final decision whether to accept any product requested to be placed in your videos. Potential advertiser’s requests will be forwarded to you for evaluation. You may at times request the prospects to send the actual products or images for you to take a look first.
  14. Important: We will be making very clear to potential advertisers that the placements of their products in your videos will be decided by you. Your decision is final and cannot be disputed. Of course in some cases they may write or contact you to petition or to request placing their products when you mentioned certain words or sentences. The final decision goes to you on whether you want to accept their request. However you must ensure that all products are covered adequately and fairly.

(G) Video Submissions and Approvals
  1. Every time when you had completed a video, you can send it to us via two methods.
  2. First you can sign up a free account with yousendit.com. You merely place your video file inside and include our email address. We will then pick up the file from here.
  3. The other method is to FTP the file to us. (We’ll provide you the step by step instruction. Both methods are very simple. Btw, our programmer will be building a site on our ‘Virtual Office’ where you can directly place the video inside your account. This feature will be ready at a later stage.
  4. Once our video team had edited your videos with text, images and audio, they will insert the video into the ‘Virtual Office’ under the heading of ‘Content Management’. Inside Content Management you will find a heading called ‘Videos’. You need to login into your account inside Virtual Office to see the edited videos.
  5. Besides each video, you can select ‘Approve’ or ‘Re-edit’ option. If you choose ‘Re-edit’ option, a form will appear for you to write down what needs to be changed or anything you’re not happy about. Our video team had already been psyched by me to do unlimited alteration where necessary. Therefore you can be a perfectionist if you like!
  6. All approved videos will then be placed on the proper video category pages.
  7. Whenever there is new videos on our site we will mentioned them in our weekly newsletter. We will also use new videos as a promotion to get new members for Wisdeo.com. We use both online and offline campaigns and at certain times we can coordinate these efforts with you if you like.

(H) Access to Virtual Office
  1. You will be given your own account to access the ‘Virtual Office’
  2. Inside ‘Virtual Office’ you’ll find your personal details as well as details of your team members if any.
  3. You will find contacts to other staffs and partners.
  4. You will be able to contact them internally using our internal messaging system. You will also be allocated an email address yourname@wisdeo.com to liaise with others outside wisdeo.com such as potential product placement advertisers.
  5. An online chat and video conferencing platform will be included later.
  6. You’ll be able to control the amount of information you want to show to the public, members and other content partners.
  7. You will be able to access your revenue sharing information and earning history such as date and amount of our payments to you etc.
  8. You can update information on how we pay you and the bank information you provide us.
  9. You will also see information relating to advertisers that participated within your video categories as well as those of your team members’ video categories.
  10. You will be able to start your discussion group here or choose to join others. Please note that as content partner you will not be limited by the number of group you want to start. You can choose to form either ‘Private’ or ‘Public’ discussion group relating to your contents. You will be given’ Guest of Honor’ status when you joined other members’ groups.
  11. You can access the blog we built for you to announce your contents and videos or if you already have your own blog, we can integrate it inside so that you can update the blog while still inside the virtual office.
  12. You will be able to post articles to the “Articles’ section relating to your contents so that the public and members can read and share them.
  13. You will get an automatic analysis and appraisals on the performance of your videos and those of your team members if any. You get intelligence report such as monthly views, viewed from which location, ratings, the amount shared, the number of times any of the video been bookmarked, etc.
  14. You can access the ‘Sales Management’ tool to help correct and comment on sales templates that were designed purposely to help the sales team to sell product placements and other advertisements relating to your contents.
  15. If you have any information pertaining to your contents that are helpful to the sales team, you can place them in a section called ‘Training Materials’ within the ‘Sales Management’ section.
  16. Optional: Should you also want to market product placements or syndicate your videos to your own business contacts to earn the sales commission, we will also let you access your own ‘Contact Management System; within virtual office. Inside there you can also control and coordinate with your own sales team if any.

(I) Others
  1. If you have other media exposures such as radio interview, show or TV presentation that have positively presented you, we can design an area to host these files. Please note that our goal is to make you as popular as possible in order to bring even more credibility to your videos which I believe you already are.
  2. If you are participating in any trades shows, seminars, etc, we will announce it on your content homepage. We will include photos of past events as well as seminar papers in PDF format if you choose to put in.
  3. We will have a section for you to store your eBooks so that members can access them. You can choose to sell them or to give some free to entice public to sign up to watch your videos.
  4. If you have something to sell, such as courses or other tangible item, we will create a section for you to do that.
  5. You will make the main bulk of the income from these sales with a small ‘agreed before hand’ commission to Wisdeo.com.
  6. We are building a shopping cart for this so that the public can buy directly from Wisdeo.com. However for physical items, you may need to take care of the shipping directly from your location.
  7. Please note that Wisdeo.com is a unique and proprietary platform and so we are still learning and progressing as we go along. So let me know if you have any inputs to make Wisdeo.com even better for everyone!
I hope you find this information helpful in planning your contents and video productions. If I have anything updated on this Action Plan, I’ll also send you an updated copy ASAP.

There may be something I forgot or left out above. If you have nay questions pertaining to anything regarding the concept or operations of Wisdeo.com, please contact me directly.

There will be more important features on Wisdeo.com that I’ll announce from time to time. These announcements can be seen on the Bulletin Board immediately when you log in to your account inside ‘Virtual Office’. Please ensure you access your account regularly to see these announcements.