About Wisdeo
When it comes to knowledge, every individual has 2 sides: (a) Provider – who knows something, (b) Seeker – who wants to know something. May be you’re just a kid who has just started going to school or maybe you’re an expert who possess a plethora of information, still these sides are valid for you. There’s something you know and there’s something you want to know. This ‘something’ can be anything based on the area of interest/passion/choice of the individual.

There’re many experts willing to share the knowledge/experience they have and of course there’re plenty of passionate knowledge seekers looking for the right guidance/direction. Hence, Wisdeo to connect ‘Providers’ & ‘Seekers’ and enable Sharing, Learning & Networking with a difference.

Wisdeo's experts provide an encyclopedic range of information in domains as diverse as manufacturing, business, law, medicine, family management, personal improvement, health, lifestyle, and more. Using Wisdeo, you can acquire new skills in both vocational and hobbyist subjects.
In a nutshell, Wisdeo.com is a platform to Learn, Share & Network. It’s an attempt to gather knowledge from the very legitimate sources (information owners who have proven expertise in their respective areas) in video format and make it available for the passionate knowledge seekers. Visit us to:
  • Learn with the help of videos shared by experts and explained in absolutely plain English
  • Share the knowledge you have with others
  • Network with experts and like-minded people having similar interests and passion
  • Join or promote knowledge events & workshops
  • ... and more.